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The intent of this research and technology is to present, for the first time, the true meaning and mechanics of the Squaring of Price & Time. It will provide absolute proof that the financial markets are mathematically controlled and predictable.  It will demonstrated that ALL market movement can be categorized into only 9 possible binary cases that will exist in any type of vibrational chart.

Because “pivot” points in the market have 3 bars composing them, these 9 types will then be intersected with each other resulting in 81 possible cases, represented in a 9x9 grid called the Universal Swing Chart, which logically orders and defines every possible variation of market action. This chart provides an objective mathematical determination of the exact nature of price swings and pivot points, allowing the energetic balancing of price and time to be calculated through the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Once the swings and turning points are thus mathematically defined, they can be identified as conical transformations of the circle, and the calculation of acceleration and deceleration rates for each swing becomes possible. Four types of nonlinear distribution in the extent of a swing will be presented and applied to the projection of hyperbolic acceleration/deceleration curves, which dynamically mold the curvature of future market action.

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These hyperbolic curves consistently identify and capture large tradable segments of sequential swings in any market, on any time frame, from minute to monthly.  This methodology provides the basis for the first algorithm, Hyperbolic 1, an automated trend following system which generates (unleveraged) annualized returns in the 100-300% range with exceptional consistency.

The second algorithm, Circular 1, uses mathematically defined pivot points to derive geometrical price/time relationships which, when converted through a mathematical growth sequence and applied through an expanding circle, square Price and Time, thereby projecting a sequence of future tradable pivot points as seen below.

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This algorithm produces a secondary trading methodology based upon the projection of these squared turning points, where high probability trades can be placed using increased leverage, due to the specificity of the squared projections. The profitability of trades increases exponentially with the advanced levels of this indicator, with the Level 3 Circular producing annualized returns of over 4000%!

Within the instructional course, The Square: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price Structure, these algorithms are mathematically defined in full detail, allowing them to be applied manually or to be programmed.  There will be 3 sequential levels of the instructional courses, The Square, The Triangle, and The Circle, providing the logical foundations and mathematical elaborations for each advancing indicator set. 

For those who do not need to see the mechanics behind the “black box” and are simply seeking the trading signals produced by the algorithms, our Atomic Trader Subscription Indicator Applications (Apps), generate powerful automated trading signals, and provide full backtesting capabilities complete with detailed statistical analysis.  Purchasers of the Level 1 instructional course will receive a 33% discount off the monthly rate of the Level 1 Subscription App to help offset the cost of the technical manual.

For an additional fee, we have a web-based Automated Trading Module which will fully automate the algorithmic trading through an Interactive Brokers account, initiating all order execution and stop placement across all global markets, 24/7/365.

We have provided Statistical Performance Results of our Beta and Level 1 Hyperbolic and Circular indicators demonstrating the nature of the returns produced across different market sectors and different time frames from very short term to longer term trading, demonstrating the scalability of this technology across different investment sectors.

Using the statistical analysis tools, a trader is able to adjust account leverage based upon the statistical backtest results, producing significantly higher returns which far exceed the returns produced by most professional traders or automated systems. We have provided a simple Leverage Analysis of the results of these algorithms using varying levels of account leverage, since all base statistics are calculated using unleveraged positions. 

Finally, in order to provide an insight into the potentials of the more advanced algorithms, we have provided some account records demonstrating the Circular 3 algorithm in action. This application was calculated manually and traded over a 5 month period where it generated a 1732% return in only 5 months, or over 4000% annualized returns.


The principles upon which this technology is based deal directly with the theory of the markets as energetic phenomena governed by the strict laws of physics and mathematics, operating within the domain of space and time. This phenomenon is not limited to the nature of the financial markets alone, but rather extends to the mechanical laws which manifest all order across the universe.

For the inherent laws of mathematics are pervasive throughout all fields of reality simultaneously, and the same vibratory phenomena that define the permutations of market structure, similarly define the permutations of all function and form, all physics and metaphysics, structuring the very core of reality itself. Price/Time and Space/Time are actually the same, since the exact same mathematical laws control all energetic formation within this vast multidimensional Cosmos. 

Therefore, this system is not restricted merely to the limited fields of economics and finance, but is better defined as the essence of Cosmology itself, the system of mathematical order which permeates the fabric of the entire universe.

“The market itself exists in harmonic or inharmonic relationship to the driving power or force behind it.

The secret of all its activity is therefore made apparent by taking certain time and price values into consideration which tell exactly what the market will do under given conditions.”

William D. Gann


We offer a 15 DAY FREE TRIAL on all of our Atomic Trader indicators!

Currently the Hyperbolic 1 and Circular 1 are available in our Atomic Trader App. 

We strongly encourage anyone interested in the potential of generating an average 5% monthly return in ANY market and on ANY time frame to prove these results for yourself!

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See our statistical results here, across 25 different markets in numerous time frames from minute to daily using both Hyperbolic 1, & Circular 1 producing an average 5% PER MONTH UNLEVERAGED returns! 


Also see our real-time trading records for a manual application of Circular 3 producing an amazing 4000% annualized return!

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Level 1 Course:
The Square: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price Structure
Level 1 Indicators:
Hyperbolic 1 & Circular 1

Available individually or together though our:

Full-function Web-based Application:
Atomic Trader Subscription Apps  

Also available, an automated
Interactive Brokers Trading Module

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There are 3 advancing levels of instructional courses explaining the 3 levels of trading proprietary algorithms.

Level 1: The Square: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price Structure
(Now Available!)

Level 2: The Circle: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Time Structure
(Available Late 2015)

Level 3: The Triangle: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price/Time Structure
(Available 2016)

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Three advancing levels of proprietary trading algorithms :

Level 1:
Hyperbolic1 & Circular1 Atomic Trader App
(Now Available!)

Level 2:
Hyperbolic2 & Circular2 Atomic Trader App
(Available Winter 2015)

Level 3:
Hyperbolic3 & Circular3 Atomic Trader App
(Available Spring 2015)

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