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This website will introduce a set of trading algorithms based upon the mathematical relationship of price and time in the financial markets.

These mathematical relationships have been objectively quantified in a format that allows for the programming of two advanced trading indicators called the Hyperbolic and the Circular, which are developed through 3 increasing levels of complexity and sophistication.

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Each advancing level of application generates a higher profit output, with the Level 1 Indicators producing an average 5% unleveraged monthly return, or a 60% annualized return, in any market on any timeframe.

The higher Level 2 and Level 3 indicators produce even better returns, significantly outperforming the best money managers and automated trading systems!


Web-based programmed indicators with automated trading functionality.
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Our sophisticated Subscription Applications (Apps) have an advanced graphical interface and provide full backtesting capabilities in any market on any time frame.

These Apps fully automate the trading algorithms, enabling the generation of clear buy and sell signals, and are accompanied by a wide spectrum of statistical and analytical tools. 

The automated trading module for Interactive Brokers accounts fully automates order placement 24/7/365

The programmed indicators are “black box” systems providing only the trading output, statistical analysis tools, and graphical display of signal data (Apps only).  However, in recognition of the restrictions many institutional clients face in using “black box” systems, we have developed a series of technical manuals or courses of instruction which fully explain and elaborate the mathematics and science behind the algorithms and their trading applications.  

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These courses will also be available in 3 Levels called The Square, The Triangle, and The Circle, correlating respectively with the 3 advancing Levels of the Hyperbolic and Circular trading indicators.

In order to validate the claims made herein, we have also provided a number of statistical performance results, generated through backtesting on multiple platforms with different versions of these indicators, the Hyperbolic Beta on the Bloomberg platform, and the Hyperbolic 1 and Circular 1 in the Excel calculator. 

We have also posted the trading records of the most advanced Circular 3 algorithm manually calculated and applied to real-time trading over a 5 month period, producing an amazing 1732% return, or over 4000% annualized return.  In coming months we will be posting further statistical results including those from a monitored account audited by a professional accounting firm, in order to further verify the authenticity of our claims.

“The market itself exists in harmonic or inharmonic relationship to the driving power or force behind it.

The secret of all its activity is therefore made apparent by taking certain time and price values into consideration which tell exactly what the market will do under given conditions.”

William D. Gann



See our statistical results here, across 25 different markets in numerous time frames from minute to daily using both Hyperbolic 1, & Circular 1 producing an average 5% PER MONTH UNLEVERAGED returns! 


Also see our real-time trading records for a manual application of Circular 3 producing an amazing 4000% annualized return!

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We offer a 15 DAY FREE TRIAL on all of our Atomic Trader indicators!

Currently the Hyperbolic 1 and Circular 1 are available in our Atomic Trader App. 

We strongly encourage anyone interested in the potential of generating an average 5% monthly return in ANY market and on ANY time frame to prove these results for yourself!

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Level 1 Course:
The Square: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price Structure
Level 1 Indicators:
Hyperbolic 1 & Circular 1

Available individually or together though our:

Full-function Web-based Application:
Atomic Trader Subscription Apps  

Also available, an automated
Interactive Brokers Trading Module

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