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Q:  What markets can I trade and back-test using your software?

A: The Atomic Trader App can be used to trade any Security, Commodity, or FOREX market that can be displayed in an OHLC chart. The software requires ONLY the OHLC bars and the time stamp of these bars.  Therefore these variables are the only required inputs for any market to be added to our software.

Q:  What is the difference between Circular and Hyperbolic indicators?

A: The two indicators are very different in the way they generate the BUY/SELL signals. The main difference is that Circular is a turning point indicator that gives a BUY/SELL recommendation on future bars, while the Hyperbolic indicator is a trend following system which gives BUY/SELL recommendations on current bars when certain conditions are met.  For full details on the mechanics behind these systems, see this link: How It Works

Q: What is Atomic Trader?

A: Atomic Trader is our software application (App) that applies the two indicators for trading, generating automated trading signals using our two algorithms, Circular and Hyperbolic.  It offers the greatest range of features and a simpler and more sophisticated tool to follow and apply recommendations, as it is constantly fed with live data, and it gives audio alert signals when a new trade recommendation is given. The App is used through a subscription plan.

Q: What trial period do you offer for Atomic Trader?

A: We offer 15 days preview period so you can get acquainted with the App and see its true value through running your own back tests on the markets that you are most interested in.

Q: Where can I get data to use with your App?

A: For the free trial and the general non-automated subscription to the Atomic Trader Hyperbolic and Circular Apps, all data for global markets is included with your subscription at this time.  Things may change in the future depending upon the specific needs and requirements of our clientele, but for now, all data is included.

Q: What is required to set up the fully Automated Trading Module?

A: Once you have subscribed to the Atomic Trading App, with either one or both of the 2 algorithms, you will then have the option to set up the Automated Trading Module.  In order to set this up, you MUST have an active Interactive Brokers account, which can be either US based or International.

The Module will integrate directly with your Interactive Brokers account, and you will also receive the data feed directly from the IB account. Once you place specific markets and time periods into your App portfolio to trade, the App will then automatically place orders and enter stop losses, both executing trades and exiting positions automatically. 

There is no need for the user to do anything but add the markets you want to trade into the portfolio, select the amount of capital you want to trade for each market and time period, and set the leverage variable, and the Atomic Trader Automated Module will do all the rest.

Q: Is there any limitation to the markets which the App or Automated Module can trade?

A: No, there is no limitation at this time.  We currently provide the data for all Global Markets for general subscriptions, and when using the Automated Module, Interactive Brokers will provide the data for whatever exchanges you subscribe to through that account.

Q: Will I be required to have my computer turned on and the App running in order to receive signals or place trades?

A: No, the Atomic Trader App is a web based application running online on a dedicated server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so is always active monitoring the markets and tracking the signals generated by the algorithms. For those with the normal subscription App, it will provide you with trading signals by email.

Q: What platforms will the App run on?

A: Currently the App will run on any PC or Mac platform. We are also currently developing a version for both the iPhone and the Android platforms, so that you will be able follow or trade the App on your mobile devices.

Q: When will the Level 2 Apps and Course be available?

A: We plan to develop the Level 2 Apps during Spring of 2015, and we hope to have them available for clients during that time. The Level 2 course, The Triangle, we hope to have completed sometime in the Fall or by the end of 2015.

Q: When will the Level 3 Apps and Course be available?

A: We will begin working on the Level 3 Apps during the Summer of 2015, and hope to have them available for clients by the end of the year. The Level 3 course, The Circle, we do not expect to have completed until sometime in 2016.


“The market itself exists in harmonic or inharmonic relationship to the driving power or force behind it.

The secret of all its activity is therefore made apparent by taking certain time and price values into consideration which tell exactly what the market will do under given conditions.”

William D. Gann



See our statistical results here, across 25 different markets in numerous time frames from minute to daily using both Hyperbolic 1, & Circular 1 producing an average 5% PER MONTH UNLEVERAGED returns! 


Also see our real-time trading records for a manual application of Circular 3 producing an amazing 4000% annualized return!

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We offer a 15 DAY FREE TRIAL on all of our Atomic Trader indicators!

Currently the Hyperbolic 1 and Circular 1 are available in our Atomic Trader App. 

We strongly encourage anyone interested in the potential of generating an average 5% monthly return in ANY market and on ANY time frame to prove these results for yourself!

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Level 1 Course:
The Square: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price Structure
Level 1 Indicators:
Hyperbolic 1 & Circular 1

Available individually or together though our:

Full-function Web-based Application:
Atomic Trader Subscription Apps  

Also available, an automated
Interactive Brokers Trading Module

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